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Stuck at Aggravation Station ... again.
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Oh, too many sources of frustration today.

Didn't cook the lamb. ::crosses fingers for tomorrow::

Waited for the electrician to arrive. He was late. Then, when he finally showed up, it wasn't to actually Do. The. Work. Nope. It was for jawing about stuff that I thought had already been settled. However (yes, a big but, lol), SuM agreed to the latest LED lights and will replace both fixtures in my area. The winning argument was that she'd never change the bulbs again (well, not for at least a decade). I approve! There were other aggravations but, as they're gross, I'll leave them off my list for now.

Received my login for the library sharing service designated for people with (mainly) visual disabilities. Borrowed the audiobook. Then it disappeared. !!!!???? What gives? So, I requested it again. The message said I could save it to my computer or play the files. Well, I have no idea of how to save it. Do I click within the contents box split into chapters? I clicked on the first chapter, trying to play it, but nothing happened.

Still having problems with Edge. Not only are the permanent preview panes stuck on top, they keep disappearing on a whim. Excuse me! Moi is the only one who should have whims ... not my electronics. Sigh-sigh-sigh.

The only TV I got to watch was my game shows. We had to postpone movie night till tomorrow because of how late the electrician arrived. Now, I'm going to treat myself to a couple of cookies and the healing ingredients in pineapple/ginger juice. Yum! And returning to reading the book I'm half-way through.

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Book List (October)
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Well, this will obviously be an easy post. What books did I borrow (and finish reading) during October?


Well, I did borrow three but had to renew the first one. Unfortunately, it was no longer available, so I'm on hold with it. I borrowed two others by the author we're reading at our book club, but am only half-way through one (and won't touch the second one because it's a sequel). So, I'm hoping I'll have something to report in one month's time. ::returns to trying to figure out where the MP3 files disappeared to of the audiobook I just borrowed today::

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Aggravation station.
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What's another point of aggravation to add to all the others. Sigh. I'd had high hopes for our vision loss meeting, especially as we were presenting a WWII vet. So, how'd that work out? Not so well. The only wired mic is at the lectern and, at his age, it would have been unrealistic for him to stand to talk. Well, YOU do the math. So he sat at the head table and used a cordless mic that was basically next to useless. It didn't help that he spoke quickly and with a bit of a British accent. What did I hear among the quick soft patter? Well, I heard Dieppe, how good Canada was at training troops throughout the Commonwealth, losing 150 young men in one day, then there was Burma. Too bad we couldn't have received something written after the fact so we could see what we'd missed. Sigh.

At least we had Halloween goodies after our snack time. And we found out how they're going to administer our transit passes that'll be good for three whole years. When I got back home, I e-mailed my co-leader of the really small group to give her an update.

Still didn't feel like cooking the lamb. I guess it'll be tomorrow and I've already modified the recipe, moving it from Norwegian to ... Italian? I also didn't order my meals, as I was busy past 5 trying to copy type the new meals sheet onto my spreadsheet. I'm intrigued by ... "coconut chicken". Yum!

The only satisfying thing was watching my three mainstay shows in the evening: the two of N.C.I.S. and Bull. But, now, I'm getting frustrated again. My desktop display looks very wonky ... and just HOW did Edge close ALL of my tabs when I was watching TV? Now they're enormous preview panes stuck at the top of the screen. Sigh-sigh-sigh.

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Oh, joy. I needed to sleep. I got mega sleep.
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I didn't wake up until 11:30. That was utterly divine. What wasn't so divine was sitting at my desktop and somehow blowing up my tabs in Edge (the replacement for I.E.) not once, but twice. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I ended up rage-crying in abject frustration. So I ate a banana, hoping it'd help me calm down. And then I had brekkie. Later in the afternoon, I blew them up again. Luckily, by that point, the frequently visited sites were showing up on my home page, so it didn't take long to recreate them.

With the desktop mostly settled (even though the screen colours still confuse me), I turned to the iPad. Which seemed to be fading into a grey nothingness. So I sent Brian a panic-filled e-mail. He called me around 6, trying to advise remotely, even though he couldn't tell what I was seeing (or not seeing). He suggested I use the phone's hotspot to enable the iPad to connect to Siri, so she could help me with the accessible features. Uh ... phone's been updated too and I don't know how to turn the hotspot on (not where it was positioned before). Luckily, over the course of 54 minutes, Brian got me to the place where I turned the brightness a lot higher and that seemed to do the trick. Ask me how exhausted I am now. Anyway, now I can take a book to read to my blind group meeting tomorrow.

Watched a very unsatisfying SNL earlier hosted by Jim Carey. Why was it only an hour long? Was it a repeat? It said airdate of Oct 28 ... but began with an Obama skit. Ack. I don't know what to think.

Calmed down in the evening by reading my Canadian book. And I enjoyed a warm bagel with deli cream cheese. Now I feel MUCH better, lol. Can't sleep late tomorrow because of my morning meeting. Nighty-night, all.

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Feel sorry for the tired, achy blonde.
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OMG. Of course I was fiddling around with Liblikas until 1 a.m. Because we are both not happy campers. So, 5:45 hit me like ton of bricks and my body felt it in every muscle and joint. But I got my act together and went to church. I felt so cold out, even though it's not unreasonably cold. It's from tiredness.

Still, I wouldn't have missed today's church service for anything. Even watching it online (aka PJ Church) would not have produced the same emotional response from me. Our new/next Pastor was totally in charge (as Brent is away), so he made several changes that kept us on our toes. I was also delighted to find that my picture was hanging (among 11 others). The photographer had kept the colours natural (I/o applying sepia), and had zoomed in on me to eliminate the bit of house showing on one side. I was thrilled.

It was a hugely busy day at church with a cultural talent show being presented by our refugee ministry after the service. I ended up waiting - along with a long-time friend in his power chair - for a long time until my bus showed up. When I got home, I grabbed potato chips (something I could eat while typing) and worked on my weekly summary. Didn't finish until after 4. If I thought I was exhausted before....

I also ate the leftover mushroom risotto from last night's dinner. Hmm. Seems to be a lot of garlic in it. Am still irritated by the changes to Liblikas and tried to engage some of the accessibility features in Windows 10. I call it a pathetic failure. The only thing I managed was enlarging the mouse pointer. Seriously??? I still can't read on my iPad, so returned to reading my library book on the desktop. Despite my tiredness, I waited until Discovery finished recording, then watched it. Aha! They went retro, too, and there were No. Damn. Klingons (except for the impotent threat of them) in the entire episode. Now this kind of Trek I like. So it probably won't last.

Still feeling cold from the outside, but I really do have to get ready for bed. Do not want to shiver and the heater's been on for hours. ::glares at immune system:: Let's hope a good night's sleep with no responsibilities tomorrow does the trick!

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A lot of aggravation ... and food. Both were unsettling.
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So, the hurricane formerly known as Brian (yes, my wonderful chosen baby brother) came over today and took over complete control over my life. Well, electronic life which is pretty much everything. He updated my phone, the iPad, and the desktop. While he was doing his thing, we were listening to light Latin music (more lively than the usual nature music channel). So far, I seem to be screaming the most about the desktop. I.E. is apparently toast and now I have Edge. But-but-but I can't read half the things on my screen because the links are no longer in cherry red (for untouched) and strawberry red (for used). Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. And sigh, too.

Well, in the middle of everything installing, we went out. The first stop was where I buy my clothes, to try on knee-high boots. Huh. None of them fit me in the foot because my instep was too high (and most likely still swollen from my past falls). So knee-high was not an option (even though they'd had more styles a couple weeks ago). The sales clerk didn't want to see me all sad (hey, I'm being gracious here), so found me a shorter pair of rain boots. They're interesting, made of scored black rubber with a side zip and laces, too. They go past my ankles so at least I can avoid some of the snow seeping in. ::crosses fingers:: I also picked up another pair of the leggings I love to wear and - ooh, scary - ordered another pair that will be shipped to me. With someone at home these days, I feel more confident in having stuff come to the house.

After that, we came back close to my neighbourhood to a tapas place for supper (Brian had already been here before). Our reaction was mixed to the various dishes we had. Some (grilled calamari, cheese plate, tiger shrimp) were fabulous. Some (mushroom risotto) were just Too. Much. Food (I brought the leftovers home). Some (tandoori chicken skewers with pomegranate glaze) were very good. And some (lamb empanadas; lobster pot stickers) were just plain weird. But I loved-loved-loved our ::coughs:: adult dwinkie. It was called Warsaw's Blinking Lights (hey, I can dig it because of my heritage). Mind you, I have no idea what ginger syrup and ginger beer, as well as something smoky that reminded me of Ouzo, added to vodka have to do with being Polish. And the vodka doesn't count 'cuz it's expected.

After we'd stuffed ourselves, we came back here, where Brian made sure the desktop wasn't going to blow up ... unless I get very irate tonight (are you reading this, BB?) if I can't remember how to change individual colours ('cuz it's been eons). He just waltzed off on his way to a Halloween Party at his friends' place nearby.

Anyway, I'd better get ready for bed. I need to be fully functioning on Sunday. Go me.

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Three years, six months, 27 days....
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RIP, adorable Diva with your glacier blue eyes, a former squeak, and galloping footsteps when you came to visit me (often). And, then, my head was your kitty bed (what an unusual kitty you were) whenever we had glee-filled sleepovers. And, now, I've made myself cry - again- 'cuz it's automatic whenever I remember all your idiosyncrasies.

I'd originally planned to see her off with a soft kiss, but decided against it. I wasn't her mum, just her auntie, and didn't want to telegraph my emotions so openly. I asked SuM whether she had any photos of her; if she does, then I'll have that to remember her by.

I sent the news to both church-John and Brian, both of whom expressed their sadness. She had especially been c-J's fave of all the cats.

In other (very heat-collecting) news, it took me forever to put away my groceries after they'd been delivered ... including another load of different sparkling waters. Once I'd cooled off in the shower, then I treated myself to a glass of White Zinfandel and a platter of sushi, followed by organic strawberries. In the evening, I watched my usual shows while doing a load of laundry. Had to do it tonight because tomorrow I'll be spending with my BFF (as in Brian) who suggested we'll toast Diva during dinner at a restaurant to be excavated. Then I watched MacGyver and nibbled on freshly washed romaine leaves straight out of the spinner. Yes, I'm strange.

Anyway, I should think about sleep. But, first, all my evening pills. With sparkling water. Woo-hoo. Can you feel the crackle of excitement? Nah, more like flashes of memories of a very sweet and loving cat. [Yes, cue tears.]

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Many ways to warm up on a busy Thursday.
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1. Clean up part of the fridge and carry out the recycling and organics.
2. Turn on the fireplace for a wee bit.
3. Go on a jaunt with church-John. Hit the hardware emporium first. Buy lots of LED bulbs and one product, but strike out on the most important one.
4. Relax and be self-indulgent (hey, calamari, Caesar salad, and a glass of White Zin guarantee a sunny disposition) at one of our fave restos, Olde Yorke Fish & Chips.
5. Hit the last store where we find one thing but not dried garlic.
6. Struggle home and collapse.
7. Read for a bit.
8. Watch the last epi of The Orville in advance of tonight's epi.
9. Turn on the space heater. Oh, what a wise move.
10. Watch my usual Thursday TV shows: Dragons' Den, The Orville (oh, what a sad commentary on mob rule by consensus), and a high-octane Will & Grace.
11. Snuggle in bed using the eye-relieving bag (filled with buckwheat), a cleaning-up his place gift from c-J.
12. Go to blissful sleep.

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Busy-busy-busy and ... shivering???
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Well, you'd be shivering too if you had to site outside TWICE waiting for rides: 20 minutes heading out and a cruel 35 minutes for the return van. And I wasn't dressed for the bitter wind, not wearing any pullover under my tunic, even though I was wearing my new fall coat.

So, my blind group had its first book club meeting at the reference library. As we hadn't read a book, the organizer invited a professional reader with decades of experience to tell us a couple of charming stories, the first being in both English and French (as it was based on a French-Canadian folk tale). She was delightful. The other hilarious aspect of the club is that it's all women as well as the male organizer. Not that I really care, it's just an observation.

One of my outgoing friends from the group approached me, asking if I'd consider stepping up to do ... something extra. Hmmm. I don't know just what I could offer. I'll have to think about it.

When I finally got home after the deep chill, I grabbed the last M&M's French Onion Soup and gobbled it up greedily. Felt a tiny bit better after that. I borrowed two other books by the author we're reading, and put a hold on the book we've chosen. Let's hope I get it before our next meeting.

Later, I confirmed with church-John that we'll be going shopping (and lunching) around noon tomorrow. Yay. I can't wait. With no real TV shows on tonight, it was just the news and game shows, followed by some personal reading. Now off to a cozy, warm bed. A huge yay!

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I can haz a headache all day long?
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Apparently so. It didn't help that I stayed up reading until (eek) 2:30 and then didn't sleep well. Had to wake up at 9 because of my meals delivery. Consequently, though I'd finished brekkie, I didn't have time to dole our my pills including pain killers, then ended up waiting for a really long time in SuM's living room. At least I got to watch last night's Big Bang Theory and got started on Murdoch Mysteries.

I didn't realize that S had been out shopping. When she returned, she said that SuM is going to wait until next Wednesday to decide whether sweet adorable Diva will be going over the Rainbow Bridge. I can't even write about it without starting to cry. But she's really weak and wobbly.

Read some more in the afternoon, then watched all my usual evening shows that included the two N.C.I.S. varieties and Bull. No wonder my eyes are failing me. Let's hope they recover by tomorrow morning. ::crosses fingers::

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Monday? Let's call it Noneday.
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Yep, that's what I had. I first woke up around 7:15 (when SuM's getting ready to leave for work) but amazingly fell back asleep (oh, the joys of a properly-made bed) and didn't wake up until the sybaritic time of 9:45. Heavenly.

In the early afternoon, I watched last night's Discovery. Still irritating (the whole Klingon thing is ridiculous), but I was intrigued by several smaller story lines. Hmm. Do I want to find out how much extra it costs to get Space on our channel lineup? Perhaps. I drifted off to enjoy a couple of hours of soothing sleep again.

I wish I had my own personal Alara Kitan (to really open jars of pickles, etc.), but I asked S instead. She'd been busy replacing much of the back deck in the morning, but luckily still had enough strength to open my Polish Red Peppers for me. Yay! They made an excellent addition to the Minestrone soup I heated up.

Received so many e-mails from my blind group about upcoming events, especially in November, I have so many choices ahead of me: Viking exhibit at the museum, definitely. Bowling, perhaps. And lots more events. Our guest speaker at our month-end meeting will be a member who was in the military during WWII. Whoa! I didn't know we had anybody that old in the group. I can't believe how quickly my social calendar is getting crowded. Well, it can continue along these lines as long as we have decent weather. ::crosses fingers::

Didn't feel like watching tonight's prime time TV, just the usual news and game shows. Instead I spent more than two (add your own expletives) hours to place my grocery order!!!!! OTOH, while I was checking out thick-cut pork chops (to make in my slow cooker with red cabbage), there were also lamb chops displayed. So I quickly found a Norwegian recipe for lamb leg chops with onion, fresh rosemary, and red wine vinegar ... then ordered the ingredients I need. I'll serve little potatoes with them and perhaps lima beans. I also ordered three bottles of my fave Ontario rose, just to have lots on hand. More yum.

Okay, now that I've made myself hungry, I'd better go read for a bit. Then beddies.

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Another gorgeous day.
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The weather held up, however I still wore my coat to church this morning, just in case. It was lovely bumping into friends I hadn't seen since ... Thursday? Yeah, seems surreal. But the service wasn't - even as we're getting used to having two pastors sharing responsibilities. I was thrilled a very special friend (who took on the role of M-I-L at my wedding) decided to take a road trip from the east coast back to TO. I wish going out for brunch would have been possible, but not with my current transportation arrangements. Church-John brought me a heavy bag of supplements ... and chocolate. So, why was it missing one tummy remedy and LED light bulbs? He didn't read the entire e-mail. Sigh. And "I'm" the blind one? All shall be resolved when we meet for lunch on Thursday at the fish&chip place and stop in at the hardware emporium and drugstore. So, a better outcome than expected.

When I got home, SuM, S, and the car were gone, but two of the cats were outdoors. I let one in, then headed for my computer to write my summary. Didn't need as much time as usual, because I kept it short. After that, it was more laundry time. I'd originally planned to join the SGA rewatch, beginning with "Rising". But I just didn't have the focus necessary. It took a lot of effort to redo the bed because the bed was off its axis. The bed skirt makes everything slippery so I had to push and tug for a while. But, oh, did it feel marvellous to be in a properly made bed. Ha! How long will it last?

Didn't really watch any TV, but had the news on in the background. And then, exhausted beyond belief, I went to bed and enjoyed a lovely nap. Now I'm enjoying a few mini chocolates along with my pain pills. Great combo, lol. Just so relieved I don't have to go anywhere for a couple of days. Yay and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Fun, education, creativity, shopping ... with a side order of laundry!
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Because laundry doesn't just vanish when one is busy.

At least I had a lovely, restful sleep, waking up to the alarm at 7. Then I jumped out of bed (truth, okay, slid) and started my going out routine. We weren't sure where we were driving (oy), but managed to find the Aga Khan Museum, getting to where the group was waiting by 10:27 a.m. (the tour was scheduled for 10:30). Whew. Although there were many lovely things to see and occasionally touch, my blindness prevented me from seeing a lot because of the dim lighting everywhere except for the outdoor courtyard in the centre of the first floor. But I still enjoyed myself. And I allowed myself one frivolous purchase from the gift shop: a filigreed, carved gold-metal long urn-shaped scent atomizer, containing something that smells exotic. I may occasionally spray it into the air for ambiance.

When we got back home, I left SuM and S to their own chores while I tackled the laundry. Hmm. I think I may leave the bed linens (and one black dress) until tomorrow afternoon. My back was screaming at me for being upright (or trying) and walking at the same time. Also, my feet hadn't recovered from Thursday's acrobatics, so I had to wear my house slipper-shoes! I mean, they're cute, but still....

After the chores were done, I could enjoy watching last night's MacGyver. Oh, Mac. You've picked up a sociopath who's doing evil things. Is thing going to continue throughout the season? After that, I watched a whole bunch of Peppa Pig epis I'd recorded. And then I had chicken noodle soup.

Anyway, I'd better start getting ready for church. It's going to be another gorgeous non-fall day again tomorrow. I approve!

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Thunk. I woke up at 7:18 a.m. So. Not. Functioning.
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Alas, more sleep was simply not going to happen. So I simply slogged groggily through the day. Watched last night's TV (game shows, a touching Will & Grace and a boring Dragons' Den.

Spent time in bed reading a d/l'd book. Ate very little. E-mailed church-John with my shopping list for Costco - the only thing that made me slightly excited all day. But I was so sleepy in the evening that I was a zombie during Jeopardy! Clues, what clues?

I hope I make up the missing sleep tonight, as I'd like to be reasonably perky at the Museum tomorrow. ::crosses fingers::

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Let the festivities commence ... until it's the last person standing.
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Oh, dear. I'm getting too old for gallivanting (of which there was an excess last night due to misplaced parked cars, sigh).

Anyway, we had wonderful weather, so I chose my outfit hoping for the best: my new leggings with warmer socks and patent Mary Janes, along with my swinging, clingy sleeveless dress, topped by my recently washed sparkly shawl, all in black, natch. I'd already found my red French purse & wallet and only had to locate my Frank Lloyd Wright inspired rectangular pin and long oblong earrings. Yay, I can haz a look.

My minivan was supposed to pick me up at 4:35. Ha! He was early and got to contort himself to get me in my snazzy wheelchair into his van. I arrived downtown really early (around 5:00). He was worried leaving me sitting out on the street but I said I was fine because it was still light outside. I texted church-John and he finally arrived, all hot and sweaty. I thought he'd walked over from his place a few blocks away, but I was wrong. I wouldn't find out until later.

As I was ravenously hungry, we dropped into Tim Horton's for a Bostom Creme donut for me. What a relief. Then we went to the elevators where we weren't permitted to ascend to the event venue until 6:00. Because I was in a chair, we got to be in the first group. That didn't quite eliminate the confusion at the registration desks when we arrived. Also, it was so dim (yeah, so my blindness affects how I feel about the ambiance). We bypassed the silent auction displays and headed to the bar where we got two glasses of white wine. We were greeted by lots of people including our new Senior Pastor who gave me a kiss on the cheek. Awwwww.

When we went inside the main space, we thought we were originally supposed to sit right at the front, but we were kicked out and moved a lot further back. But, hey, it's not as if we were slumming as we had two prominent women at our table, one a former mayor whose husband was sitting next to me (not that I could tell), the other a recently elevated judge. So, that was good. When we'd walked in, we bumped into many people we knew from church. I was surprised when a young man approached me. It's been decades since we've seen each other and, in those days, he'd been just a boy. Wow. But he'd recognized me immediately!

The tribute was mostly in the form of musical numbers (one of the best being a stunning rewording of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody") along with personal stories by dignitaries and special guests like the Premier and Mayor (as well as videos made by several people including ... uh ... the Prime Minister).

Half way through, c-J brought us two more glasses of white wine. If I hadn't had that donut, I would have been in a lot of trouble. He admitted he should have had one, too. Yet, I kept smelling chicken cooking somewhere nearby! When the event was over, we went back out into the silent auction space where there were now waiters passing out eats. One friend said he'd snagged a chicken lettuce wrap, but all we got was one sticky Nutella on melba toast. So another friend who lives in c-J's building suggested we go across the street to Fran's. We agreed enthusiastically. While the boys had club sandwiches, I opted for the traditional brekkie along with a tall glass of OJ. Soooooo good. I also texted home to say that c-J would be driving me, so just to leave the front door unlocked and the lights on.

Well, he did drive me home, but first we had to get to the entrance to the garage (with which we've already had a bad experience over a year ago). This time it was even worse. We managed to sneak into the residence portion of the garage (separate from the shops). But we needed the other entrance, so c-J pushed me (in my chair) out to the street level and we entered the next entrance. He was huffing and puffing, so I finally got out of the chair and walked up so many ramps. He wasn't sure where he'd parked the car ::rolls eyes:: but, after a while, began clicking his remote. Finally, FINALLY, we heard the beep and headed in that direction. I was overjoyed to finally find his car.

So, car found. All he had to do now was to get the wheelchair into the car. He managed to haul it into his trunk and secure the trunk with a bungee cord. ::rolls eyes some more::

We were so so SO relieved to be on the way to my place. C-J managed to get the chair up the front steps, then departed, limp as a rag. Well, he won't need to do a stress test on a treadmill for his next checkup. I had a couple of encounters with two of the cats (Diva and CeCe) and was then blessedly, blissfully allowed to get ready for bed.

But not immediately. I got on my computer and ended up staying awake until 2:32. Oops? I really need to go to bed. And so I did. It had been an amazing evening showing love, respect, and recognition of an outstanding human being who changed the course of human rights and history around the world. And, yet, he'll be preaching this Sunday. I wonder what that'll feel like for him.

Anyway, I was really pleased I'd brought the wheelchair. It meant I could sit in comfort and style without sacrificing my spine and short legs to the usual banquet chair torture devices (not lol). But c-J definitely needs some kind of app so he can locate his car. He joked that he'd leave his phone IN the car to act like a homing device, so the app should be on MY phone. ::opens mouth in bewilderment:: Stay tuned to the further misadventures of Helenka and her perplexed designated driver!

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It's a good thing Brent only gets to retire ONCE after 40 years!
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Because I (not to mention poor, worn-out church-John along with my wheelchair) barely survived this celebration.

Now I need to crawl into bed. More to be revealed tomorrow.

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Leading an upside-down life on hump day.
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So, why should expect anything to go the conventional way. Nah. Too boring, I guess. I woke up earlier than expected and eventually got out of bed. I watched the two N.C.I.S. shows from last night both of which once made very clear how greed is such a strong motivator for murder. Very sad. I was originally intrigued (and thrilled) to note that Gates McFadden (oh, I had such a crush on her on Next Gen) was a guest star. Oh, yeah, she was. She was the victim's mother and appeared only at the beginning of the epi of N.C.I.S. Both shows decided to have this week at their Halloweenie observance. Why the rush, people?

Anyway, after watching the epis, I slid right back into bed and willed myself back to sleep. ::thanks brain:: I woke up at 1:11 and found out I'd missed a phone call from the admin of my meals provider. Later, I'll return her call. But first I needed to finally eat my brekkie. By the time I got to my eyedrops, it was already 4:00!!! Only then did I call her to acknowledge I can help her with a writing project. Just not tomorrow. I'll do it on Friday.

I'm very slowly getting ready for my fancy night out tomorrow. Retrieved my red French purse with matching wallet. Then I found my ticket and put it in the purse. Woo-hoo. I'm being so organized. So far just one problem. I want to wear my Frank Lloyd Wright jewellery (pin and earrings) but will have to actually hunt for them. Yeah, the blind lady in the dark. Sigh. Maybe if I'm really thorough and patient? We'll see.

Watch the usual evening TV along with my game shows. The current champ who'd bet strategically yesterday and won by $1 blew it today. He was greedy and ended up losing. He was WAY too greedy!

Sent SuM an e-mail about our Muslim Museum visit on Saturday. I think I'm trying to raise her blood pressure. I said I wanted to drop in the gift shop after because I've got my eye on a $25,000 gold necklace. Yeah, of course I was just kidding. Sheesh. Anyway, time to skedaddle off to bed. Nighty-night.

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... and just a wee bit of sunshine to cheer me up!
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I was pleased to note that someone had commented on an old story of mine on AO3. That's so rare nowadays, as people normally just click on Kudos. Even more surprising was the fact that my admirer was male (in a sea of fangirls). Then he did click the kudos button on another fic I'm particularly fond of.

Which, naturally, leads me to thoughts of writing, I can't have run out of ideas already in this vast universe. Perhaps I'll return to the idea of following the alphabet for title prompts.... Or something.

So, even if I don't jump in immediately, I've declared my intent to dip my toe back in. ::crosses fingers and hopes for inspiring dreams::

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Oops ... and sepia and blonde do not mix well.
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First, there were many ouches to my day. Physically, I woke up early, feeling as if I were lying on a slab of unyielding granite instead of a bed. Somehow, don't ask me how, I managed to fall asleep again and woke up to the alarm at 9.

So ... the fallout from my executive decision yesterday and explaining it to church-John resulted in several e-mails. He's not a happy camper especially as I didn't talk to him beforehand. So it took me all day to think of a response in which I said I was sorry, though did stress that talking with him would not have reduced my anxiety (because logic will never vanquish stubbornness). Anyway, still hoping to reknit unravelling ends somehow.

In more positive news, I received a PM from the photographer. Despite my blindness, the odd thing is that we both chose the same picture. But I didn't know it was the same because she cropped it, then added sepia. Uh, sepia and blonde do not mix. My hair doesn't look as light and my smile wasn't as sunny. Oh, well. I guess I can't complain too much especially as she does these for free from the goodness of her heart.

Continued slogging through the Atwood. Woo-hoo, reached Ch. 22 (out of 50+). Now I'm just tired of reading. And tired of watching TV. After the news and my game shows, I went back to bed because of all the pain wracking parts of my body. Only finished watching tonight's Bull (loved all the intricate details). Will watch my other shows tomorrow.

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10:55 a.m. and all is ... bright and shiny.
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I was overjoyed to sleep in so late, even though it was really cold this morning (and my hand should have been cramping, but it behaved). Hmm, I wonder if the cold had made my memory sluggish as well, because I forgot to mention that, when I was leaving the church yesterday, Brent snuck up by me and said in a soft voice, "Cute hairdo." Awwww, Brent. Now I have to make sure my hair looks really good for the big party on Thursday.

Finally got around to watching last night's Discovery. Still can't stand the Klingons. Not too thrilled with the Captain, either. But we all know who the gay doc's partner is. Then I continued slogging through my Atwood book. It's due tomorrow, so I've requested to borrow it again.

Late afternoon, I made an "executive" decision about transportation. Though church-John was going to drive over, park at the house, then we'd take a cab to the fancy place ... reversing direction after the event, it just didn't make any sense to drag him over here (not to mention spending all that money on cabs), so I took a chance and booked a ride with my provider to get me to the location 30 minutes before it starts. Yes, I'm crossing my fingers for no traffic tieups, etc. After the event, I and my wheelchair would just grab a cab home. I sent c-J an e-mail with the details, and I certainly hope I didn't offend him (well, I told him how much I appreciate him caring for my comfort and safety), even though he hasn't replied to me. OTOH, he does tend to go off the grid occasionally.

Had a normal Monday evening, with my usual TV shows, including a hilarious Big Bang Theory and an intriguing Murdoch Mysteries. Soooo, Julia is hoping for IVF to be her magic solution.

I'm about ready to slide into bed, but think I'd better have some ginger beer to settle the tum while swallowing my evening pills. Here's to another good sleep, please.

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