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Help. I'm surrounded by cats ... and feeling isolated.
Women in Cafe
At least I managed to sleep until around 9:30. Obviously, Grumpy decided against coming by to do his trademark yowl. So not lol.

Finally got started on my Robert Sawyer book - "Calculating God". Love the premise and am chuckling over all of the dorky TO references. Yep, City-TV ... "Everywhere!" For my next project, I think I'll try to find ALL fictional books that are set in TO.

After my usual TV shows, I watched tonight's double MasterChef epi and now I'm going back to bed to read. Tomorrow, I definitely have to send an e-mail to church-John, just about begging him so we can go out to dinner next week, 'cuz otherwise it seems to be a very skinny month for activities. Perhaps I ought to hunt up a movie, too.

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Too bad we don't live closer---I'd love to visit. :-)

I KNOW!!!!! Why is it that people who choose each other on LJ have to live so far apart (in most cases)?

Huh - if you were here, I might be persuaded to let you try to sway me over to the dark side (aka Hawaii Five-0).


I should get a passport so I can visit. Where in CA do you live again? Near or in Toronto, right?

Eastern part of Toronto, about 2.5 miles north of the lake (and a beach).

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