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A fabulous Family Day ... spent with chosen family!
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The day started out on a high note as I'd set the alarm for 8, leaving me with plenty of time before my pickup shortly after noon. I was also lazy and didn't put on fresh eye makeup. Hey, these are my chosen sisters, so I think I'm excused. As the day was slightly colder, but gloriously sunny, I added a turtleneck to my outfit, as well as my circular scarf. I left the house early because I had to handle going down the unstable front steps, then walking down the driveway to get my walker from the garden. Just as I was walking back, I heard the beep of my minivan. Wow, he was very early. We also had a speedy traffic-free drive to the restaurant. Yes, I'd arrived at 12:10, with the others expected at 1:00. But I got a banquette seat for myself with lots of room for RS and Jan. I sat and enjoyed my pot of Earl Grey with milk and sugar. So soothing. In the end, both of them were early, too, so we got the chicken feast on its way.

We had so much fun catching up. Haven't seen RS in months because she has a new job that's not only downtown, but west of downtown - while she lives in the suburbs to the northeast of my location. When Sunday comes round, she ponders "church or sleep" and sleep wins. But she'll make an effort to come, now that the weather is improving. We chatted about all sorts of stuff. I suggested having a group movie outing to see "Hidden Figures". They agreed. So, perhaps a week from Saturday.

We surprised ourselves by eating so efficiently (and deciding to take half our meals home), that it was way too early (1:30, with our rides expected at 3:30). So we paid our bill, mentioned we'd sit and let our lunch digest and then probably order dessert later from another server. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce was my treat. We took our time savouring the tastes. Finally decided we needed some fresh air, so headed outside at 3:05. RS's ride came early (3:20); my ride was late (3:45); and Jan decided to take public transit home, so she left as soon as I was safely away. I was home in mere minutes. Yay.

I managed to relax before watching my evening programs. After I'd had a drink to wash down the leftovers, I zonked out for about 4 minutes at the beginning of Jeopardy! so had to restart. It was a good game and I was rooting for the student from MIT. As was church-John when we exchanged texts. We are such dorks! Was too woozy to watch Murdoch Mysteries so will watch the recording tomorrow morning. All hail magic TV. Anyway, I'm having a craving for more ice cream, so will indulge. All hail ice cream, too!

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Gorgeous day with lots of sunshine made me a happy camper!
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And that was even with me setting the alarm for 5:30 (having gone to bed at 12:20). But I'd had my hot lemon drink so I could breathe and the cats cooperated by not indulging in World War Cat. So, a terrific morning. I continued on a happy note by omitting a turtleneck and scarf from my layers. My bus was early and I had fun chatting with my Macedonian driver. She loved the brooch on my beret, so we had lots to talk about. When I got to church, I received more praise for last week's honours. Awww, thanks, y'all.

When church-John showed up, we talked about getting together later this week. As he's letting my e-transfer expire (because he just couldn't figure out how to redeem it - and he's ONLY 3.5 years older than I am), he said he'd drive me to the bank so I could withdraw the cash. Then he'll take me to the drugstore so I can get more of my fave facial toner. And, finally, we're going to go have fish (or seafood) at the well-known restaurant not too far away. I'm hoping we can do all of that on Thursday.

As always, the service was inspiring. My new cellist friend was this week's Angel, so I surprised him by congratulating him before the service! He had no idea. We also had a double minority couple (black & straight) share their stories as this week's Lesson. Brent was on vacay, so my fave Sam presided. I had a leisurely wait OUTSIDE after the service, coat unbuttoned, glove-less, basking in the sun and chatting with friends until my cab arrived early. I was happy to get home and get cracking on my review. After that I could relax until SuM got home (she'd texted me when she was leaving). Okay, kitties, your vacay with Auntie Helenka is so ovah. SuM really appreciated that I was able to step in.

After my busy morning, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed, so I did. Wasn't really paying attention during the news and there's never anything on TV Sunday evenings. So I continued to lie in bed until after 8:30. Then I returned to the computer. Now that I've fulfilled half of my writing assignments, I can't wait to finish. Though not tomorrow, as I'll be celebrating Family Day with my chosen family. And yummy chicken. Nom.

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Am I actually living in the Twilight Zone? Survey says....
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Let's face it. I have a weird body and mind. I'd gone to bed wrapped up in my cozy capelet, shivering. I woke up at 4:57, sweltering in all of my layers and under several covers. Also, not breathing. So I got out of bed after 5 and decided to finish last week's church review. Cued up the service and watched the entire thing, just to get into the vibe. Reviewed much of the music as well as noting some more emotionally touching actions from Brent. I edited my original FB post and was so relieved to have closed yet another task.

I fed the cats and then enjoyed my own brekkie until the inevitable crash happened. I crawled back into bed – freezing again – at 11, setting the alarm for 1:30. Cue very weird dreams. So, it turns out that I – among lots of other people – was supposed to be appearing in a skit on a comedy show. The first time was really easy. After checking in at makeup and wardrobe, I was sent into a large hall where we did our bit and everything was over. But, then, I was asked back for a skit with a greater profile. I had to play an instrument that looked like a banjo, using a violin bow. The banjo was completely white, including the strings. When I showed up at makeup, I was wearing black slides (they're important). The makeup person decided to highlight my eyes by threading a sparkly blue ribbon ::grimaces:: through my eyelids!!! But it didn't hurt at all and my eyes looked fabulous. I have no recollection of what I'd been given to wear. However, I wanted to get rid of my slides back at wardrobe, then wandered back to where I thought I should be. Alas, because I was late, they'd gone ahead with the skit without me ... so no new fame for me. And here I was stuck with this blue ribbon in my eyelids and I thought I'd get an infection. Ack. What to do, what to do. Well, I woke up feeling very disoriented. As I was still cold, I stayed in bed until 2:30, then scurried off to have a hot shower, but was too chicken to get my hair wet. Sigh.

I finally got around to doing the laundry at 3, keeping my fingers crossed some of my do-not-dry items would be wearable for church. ::crosses fingers::

The rest of the day dissolved into mindlessness, though I was ticked off in the evening to note that my rides provider had changed my ride home from church to 3:30 (i/o 12:30). So I was on hold on the phone to talk to an agent. Finally got through after an hour, but got the ride switched back. Huge sigh.

The only amazing thing today was the weather: 57F and sunny. Though I only stuck my head out the front door to get the Saturday paper, at least I enjoyed sitting in the living room watching the sun highlighting various pieces of furniture indoors while the branches of the pine tree trembled from the brisk winds. Tomorrow and holiday Monday won't be as warm, but it's still such a welcome reprieve from the traditional dreariness of February. Yay!

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An early start to productivity. Also sleeping cats.
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So my body did the stupid thing and woke me up at 4:30. I was so not amused, so I lay on my back and willed myself back to sleep. Wow. It worked. The next time I woke up it was 7:21. I got out of bed and started working on the welcome speech my meals admin needs for a ceremony. It didn't take that long to do and I sent it back to her. By early morning, SuM was set to leave and did. ::snickers:: I. Have. The. Power.

My groceries were delivered around 12:45. It took me so long to put them away, I was hot and exhausted. I was sitting at my desk but, when I looked over at my bed, I found Grumpy curled up and sleeping just below my pillow. My heart melted. I also saw Ce-Ce on the bed ledge and fluffy Diva was at the foot of the bed. So, I crawled into bed at 3:30, making sure I didn't disturb Grumpy. Diva sauntered up to the pillows and draped herself above my head. I set the alarm for 5:00. And then we slept. It was so peaceful.

In the evening I watched my usual TV shows including MacGyver and Shark Tank. I also enjoyed an unorthodox dinner of veggie-flavoured tortilla chips and guacamole, followed by divine Heavenly Hash ice cream. Very nom.

I'm just so pleased to have finished one writing assignment. Now the question is whether I can finish last week's church service tomorrow morning? I'll have to rewatch so I can hear all the music again. And then do laundry. But, as long as I'm being busy (while praying for the temps to go up by a lot), I'll be a happy camper.

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The dream turned into a nightmare.
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Well, metaphorically. So, I went to sleep exactly at midnight. The numbers looked so orderly. So promising. BZZRT. Wrong answer. Instead, I opened my eyes at 2:57 and shrieked silently. I got out of bed and went on the computer. I added more items to my grocery order, sent an e-mail to Brian, and worked on my fic. For several hours. Without even considering brekkie. I did put the porkchops in French onion soup at 8:10, setting the timer for 8 hours.

Around 10, I really, really needed to go back to bed. So I did, relying on my instincts to wake me up at a reasonable time. That time was 1 p.m. But, even though my head seemed better, my back was shrieking at me. So. Not. Fair.

Consequently, there was no more writing to be done. I stayed in bed and watched last night's Dragons' Den that was uninspiring. I finally had some of the pork later. Chops too thin and the meat really did fall off the bone. It's too bad I couldn't add the Polish pickled red peppers - because I couldn't get it open. The slight acidity would have helped with the blandness of the meat. Perhaps next time.

I thought I was going to scream in political outrage when I saw bits of that man's press conference on the evening news. Monkeys could have strung sentences together better. In more positive news, I was bolstered by studies showing that people (I think it was older adults) taking lots of Vitamin D fare better at avoiding contracting pneumonia or even the flu. Hey, I take 4,000 IU (to prevent bone loss), so I'm a happy camper. Then I enjoyed tonight's hilarious Big Bang Theory. Oh, Sheldon. Also watched the second round of eliminations on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm just trying to make myself feel better with the fake ginger beer and chocolate. Hope they work.

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There IS a downside to indolence.
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Waking up after 9 (9:13 this morning) and eating brekkie a couple hours later disrupts the hours of opportunity during which I could be accomplishing ... stuff. Like writing. Not only my fic but also my second review of the service (for which I received a lovely comment and "Like" from the church). So, just what was I doing in the morning? Oh, watching last night's shows: two N.C.I.S. epis and one of Bull. After that, my eyes hurt so much, I spent the rest of the afternoon lying in bed. Sigh. ::puts resolve face on:: Tomorrow will be different. I have to cook my pork chops AND write the review.

SuM told me she's taking Friday off and going away for the weekend. That means cat sleepovers and having the house all to myself. So I moved up my grocery delivery to Friday afternoon. It's a smaller order, so I might get more in about 10 days.

Okay, time to drift off to sleep, dreaming of the lovely aromas of slow cooker pork in a French onion soup perhaps enhanced by bacon and 'shrooms. Nommmm and nighty-night.

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No pressure makes for a terrific day.
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Even though I stayed up (until 3:00 a.m. IIRC) reading a 40,000K word fic, I didn't set my alarm, trusting that the universe would wake me up in time for my meals delivery. The universe kindly obliged, as I woke up at 9:38. ::stretches self-indulgently::

I started writing my romantic fic but didn't push myself. Hey, I like this less-stress way of doing things. Polished off the pierogi that SuM had cooked for me. Yummy. When she came home, she suggested 7:45-8:00 for the movie. No prob. But I certainly wasn't in the mood for cherry cheesecake, so saved it for later. The movie we watched was "Carol", set at the turn of the half-century, examining morals and transgressive behaviour. We were quite intrigued by some of the steps the two lead actresses took. There appeared to be a hint of hope for them going forward. Considering the restrictive times, it was also interesting to see the shop-girl from the department store becoming a confident photographer for the N.Y. Times, while her wealthy divorced lover actually acquired a job and a large apartment. Just remember this was NYC. A large apartment? Wow.

After the movie ended and we said our goodnights, I finally had the cheesecake. Or am having it, as I'm still not 100%. Perhaps I should try some medicinal ginger beer. I'd also had a bad headache earlier but still ended up talking to the admin of the meals people, helping her with a speech she has to give next Sunday at a commemorative historical event. Ah - I'm so useful to others. ::huffs and polishes imaginary watch:: Anyway, after I wake up tomorrow at whatever o'clock, I'll have lots of TV to catch up on. But that's another day. Right now, it's just me and the sound of rippling water. So soothing.

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Finally switching my focus to writing for pleasure.
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It's about time, eh. Looked up all the prompts from last year's [community profile] romancingmcshep (lovely to remember how quickly I'd snagged three of them ... and the writing was so easy). ATM, I want to use 2.5 prompts but put them all into one fic. It's the only possibility that excites me. So, beginning tomorrow, I'll be writing to honour (what else but) romance. Yes, awww.

Why couldn't I have started today? Well, because my body and mind sabotaged me by making me wake up at 6:17 (with the alarm set for 7). As I was up, I tried to book my rides for next Monday. Ha! The computer said "No" in very clear but confused language, insisting that my rides had to be booked for happening before 2:59 a.m. Why do I think the system was still operating on offering next Monday but only until very early in the morning. So I wasted the time until the phone lines opened at 7 and called in. After being on hold for 11 minutes, I got my request fulfilled. ::emits a huge sigh of relief:: Had a back and forth with both Jan and RS. Yay. After brekkie and a bit of reading, I was feeling exhausted by 11, so had a two-hour nap. By then, it was already the afternoon. What to do? How about feeling cold, shivering, and rubbing my damaged hands? Why, yes. Sounds so ... entertaining NOT. More like painful.

I finally got around to looking at the fic prompts in the evening and transferring them to a word doc. I also begged for help from Brian as he'd sent me an attachment (after the Google Sheet didn't work) with many of the TV shows and movies I want to get. Yes, I want REAL tangible Blu-Rays and DVDs. He'd priced them with two online sources. After I made my choices, I emailed my selections back.

I'm also giddy because SuM texted me in the afternoon. There are two movies we've been waiting to see for 13 looooong months. They're both available. Yay. So SuM picked them up after work and we're going to have a movie night tomorrow. Yay, again. Despite my tiredness and evol hand problems, I managed to watch tonight's Murdoch Mysteries. And that was my day. Looking forward to my writing tomorrow and hoping the words will flow.

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Had an utterly splendid day. Wish you were here.
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But, if you had been, I would have subjected you to a 5:30 a.m. (eeeeek) alarm, just so that I could curl my hair. Well, I did; but, as I couldn't see the temp. dial, the heat setting was much too low. But, still, almost curly hair. Then you would have seen me digging my heels in and refusing to wear boots to church, even though there was a thick layer of the white fluffy stuff making my walking in my shiny mary janes treacherous. But I was determined to look more soignée. I even dug out my slinky long-sleeved black top so I wouldn't have to wear a worn-out turtleneck sweater. I added my long tropical scarf and citrine chandelier earrings.

I got to church with lots of time to spare. When church-John showed up, I got a treat, namely mocha latte. Oh, the coffee really hit me and brought me back to life. It felt fabulous to be honoured. People had stopped me after the previous service to congratulate me. The Pastor reading the lovely description of the honour deserves an A+ for pronouncing my names perfectly. And people cheered when I stood up in acknowledgment. Awwwww, shucks. The service itself was incredible. It should come as no surprise that I spent more hours writing my summary - including Brent's Lesson - than I have before.

Once I'd posted, I had a bit of a break while SuM went for a walk with her son. They be ... weird, considering where they went they spotted a handful of deer! In the meantime, the cats were hanging out with me and Diva really thought it was vital that she throw up on my penguin fleece. What! Is this jealousy? So, I managed to wash and dry the fleece just before joining SuM at 6:00 p.m. for our communal dinner. I provided Buffalo wings with mild and hot sauces. SuM heated up two leftover potato pancakes which we had with sour cream, and naked snowpeas. We decided that the previous whisky-mustard wings were superior. So, now, it's up to me to see just how many varieties this premium chicken wing maker has.

We had a leisurely dinner before we both made our (mutual) excuses - such as sleeping well tonight. Hope so. Later I just watched the reruns of my game shows. Right now, I'm still having trouble warming up. I think I should throw myself into the dryer. Hope my sleep is decent as I'll have to wake up early to book rides. Story of my life. Sigh.

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OMG. Where do I find the brakes ... for me!?!
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Uh ... I may have gone just a titch overboard with my fired-up intention/decision to get an e-Reader. There was one specific one that had an APP and Wi-Fi, so I wouldn't need to download to my desktop first (when borrowing from the library). I was EXCITED, people. So here I was urging Brian to go buy one - RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.

Brian's been boasting that He. Knows. How. To. Speak. Helenka. Yeah, he probably does. So, while I was having trouble finding a store that had the e-Reader in stock (because it's flying off the shelves), he suggested I get myself an iPad mini which is apparently the same size as the e-Reader but offering so much more. Naturally, at a higher price, but still more versatile. So he suggested we go shopping. And we did.

Imagine my downcast face when I realized there was NO way in hell that I could manipulate the mini. He couldn't enlarge the font to a readable size for me. This is where I was slapped with the cold dead fish that is my blindness. I guess I've become so used to adapting things to obey me, I just can't imagine there are things that don't. Sooooo, next month (we're having monthly adventures), he's going to bring me his old mini (with a cracked screen) so I can test it at my leisure and see if I can bend it to my will.

In the meantime, I'm still going to borrow books from the library. But I certainly won't be reclining in leisure upon the couch or recumbent in bed. No, I'll be hunched over in front of the monitor on my desk. Sigh. Yeah, yeah, I get that I can't have EVERYTHING ... but that doesn't mean I'm not going to pout. A lot.

Anyway, while we were shopping, I picked up an adorable mini potted plant, some 'nanas, a large pack of porkchops, lots of chocolate (well, I was pouting), and a different brand of ginger beer. Though we were supposed to go to Swish for chicken, we both were in the mood for ribs, so headed to Montana's. A terrific decision, as these were the best ribs they've served us. Mind you, I brought half my meal home. Leftovers always welcome. Also, when Brian had arrived shortly before 2, he brought me a piece of his official birthday cake. Yum.

When we got in, I decided I wanted him to order me a whole lot of movies, etc. So he's going to scope them out ... and then I'll be a much happier camper. After he left, I puttered around, putting food away. Now I'm going to relax for a wee bit and watch last night's Shark Tank before going to bed and dreaming of next month's adventures with Brian. Because nothing is ever normal for us - with his GPS sending us to strange places tonight. We joked we'd end up in Montreal and then Vancouver from the directions. Yup, totally normal ... for us. [The earth, OTOH, is most likely doomed, lol.]

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Holy moly. I spent the entire day reading ONE fic.
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Mind you, because it was hosted on an unfamiliar site, there was no idea of how long it was (I still have no idea) and just the option of clicking to the next section. There was so much ugliness and general homophobia in it, and manipulation of our fave SGA and SG-1 characters. Such a relief to have finished it. ::shudders::

OTOH, reading a story meant I didn't have to face any more political repercussions ... so that was a good thing. I think.

When SuM came home from work, she offered to fry up the frozen pierogi for me. That'll be great to have ready-cooked food in the fridge. I did my own semi-cooking for brekkie. I'd decided that my entrée of Meatballs with Peppers had had insufficient peppers the last time I ordered it, so I cut about 10 miniature multi-coloured peppers into rings and, after cooking them, enhanced the original dish. Now, I could really taste peppers. Yay.

Unintentionally offered sanctuary to the cats. We had trouble returning them back to their ::snickers:: rightful mommy! I groaned at Final Jeopardy! tonight. How easy an answer could you get (Scarlett O'Hara? Really???), so church-John and I exchanged incredulities via text. And I just finished watching tonight's sad MacGyver. Now I'm getting ready to see what happened in the world today. ::crosses fingers::

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Delicious day is ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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With bonus MG. Yes, it was divine, thanks to the amazing food and delightful company.

Woke up at 7 which gave me enough time (barely) to give myself a quick paraffin bath for my poor lobster hands. It was really cold out but, amazingly enough, the sidewalks were clean and dry. Church-John showed up, surprising me at 11:03. Uh, why no text, c-J? Oh, he just forgot his phone at home. Anyway, we were off, arriving at about 11:40, parking right in front of the restaurant. A whole bunch of my vision loss group were already there. Tables were set up in configurations of 2/4/6 and we chose the first free table, for 2. Soon enough we were joined by three people at the next table. Everyone was very jolly and sociable. I met new people which is always nice.

Now, on to the food. Even though I'd been debating which starter and entrée to have, I finally decided on the artichoke & spinach dip with tortilla chips while c-J had the veg. soup. But the ultimate taste sensation presented itself as Cajun baked tilapia in a lobster cream sauce with saffron rice and market veggies (crisp green beans, broccoli florets and stalks, green zucchini and a mystery veg, all bathed in butter). Yes, I moaned a lot and kept closing my eyes. The hilarious thing is that I had two glasses of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Wine prices being as ridiculous as they are, my wine cost $26 while the three-course meal was $18. C-J ended up having the Pulled pork with mushrooms and caramelized onions on a brioche with frites. His dessert was Chocolate mousse while mine was a Crème Brulée with a chocolaty base. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. We took out time digesting our meals. I also nagged our fearless leader and he told me all about bowling. So I think I'll go bowling, even if it's only to watch and laugh. But it'll be a great way to get me out of the house. Uh ... when it's a bit warmer, because the bowling alley is far away from me. Sigh.

When c-J got me home, I was very mellow, but exhibiting strange after-effects from the wine. My vision was sharper, and colours more vivid, especially on my phone. Huh. Was this because of dilated pupils? Hey, bring on more wine, please.

Rescued SuM when she got in because she'd left her keys at work. Oops. Played cat-auntie for a bit, then got down to TV watching, from my game shows to an absolutely rollicking hilarious Big Bang Theory and a very energetic first epi of the new MasterChef Jr competition. Yay. Anyway, I'm pondering whether I should try to d/l a book tonight or tomorrow morning from the library, so I can get used to doing it. ::iz skeered:: Will wait until tomorrow when I have light and more energy. Right now, bed sure sounds loverly.

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A great day for daydreaming.
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Indeed. I'm dreaming of tomorrow's Winterlicious lunch with church-John. I think I've already chosen my 3-course meal. ::ponders:: Or have I ... because there are so many scrumptious choices. But, then, I start to think of being practical. No, blondie, you don't want kale salad as an appetizer because you'll be stabbing at empty air for several minutes. Pasta is a no-no as an entrée because I don't feel like twirling and twirling. The only thing that is a dead certainty is dessert: crème caramel, baby. I haven't had that luscious chilled dream gliding past my lips in over a decade. Yes, it's tragic. Really.

I'm also daydreaming about what books I want to BUY for my e-reader. Yes, I'll definitely be borrowing most of them but I've decided I want to have my "Harry Potter" collection back. I still remember how excited I was before each book was issued - well, after I finally found out about the series. So I pre-purchased once and lined up before midnight the first year. It was lots of fun. Another year, Canada Post delivered only HP books on a Saturday. So, I have many fond memories of getting the books and then disappearing. Good times.

While I was busy daydreaming, SuM had the day off instead of a weekend. When she delivered my mail, the cats decided they absolutely had to seek sanctuary with me. ::shakes head:: Uh ... cats ... you do realize SHE's your mom and I'm just your auntie! It took a few hours for that message to sink in. Still, fluffy cats are always welcome visitors to Casa Helenka.

I found I didn't have to worry about teaching the phonetic pronunciation of my name as Brent's exec. assistant had already included it in the speech notes for Pastor Carmen to read. Very efficient. I approve.

I've also decided I have to start eating more soup for dinner. It and a warm bagel are an easy way to dish up nutrition (and I do need to take the lazy road lately). Also lazed about in bed in the afternoon. Watched my game shows (oops, there's a revolving door on Jeopardy!) and a Canadian-dream epi of Dragons' Den featuring recent refugees making a good life for themselves. Yay!

Anyway, I think it's time to think about bed. I want to look semi-fabulous for lunch domani. Ciao, tutti.

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I love my church. And my church loves me back.
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The symmetry and synchronicity is spectacular. So, what's the what? Well, I received an e-mail from Brent's exec. assistant saying they'd like to honour me this coming Sunday for my devoted service summaries as Volunteer of the Week. It's the second time I've been so honoured (the first time two decades ago for running the Information Centre - as well as receiving a formal annual award for that function). What a coincidence that they chose the same week as my 26th Anniversary of becoming a member. Anyway, I'm just tickled pink. I guess I'll have to curl my hair on Saturday night and wear something pretty. Yes, I can still be vain.

Would have liked to have had another hour of sleep, but woke up at 8:00. Watched last night's N.C.I.S. Nola in the morning. Semi-dozed in the afternoon. I think I should get investigative credit for solving tonight's N.C.I.S. early in the show. I couldn't really get into Bull tonight because it involved huge gaming tournaments. So not interested. Anyway, I want to catch up with the rest of the world before bed, so I'll just press Post and skedaddle off ... with a smile.

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Too lazy to think of better words on a sybaritic Monday.
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Not that "sybaritic" isn't good, but I wanted to use a word starting with "m". Anyway, just how sybaritic? How about sleeping in until 10:38? Simply glorious. Mind you, I was just getting in a decent night's sleep, having finally gone to bed at 2:00. Yes, I stayed up reading and enjoyed it.

When I woke up, I had more than just a late breakfast to look forward to. There was an e-mail invitation from that chosen baby brother of mine, to spend Saturday together, make future plans, and have chicken at Swish. Naturally, I said yes. I said I wanted to go Kobo e-Reader shopping because I want to finally be able to relax in bed or on the couch and read real books. So, I'm giddy with glee! Sent a follow-up e-mail to Ash about Kobo reccs from her techie friend, but no response.

Got the chance to watch most of Lady Gaga's routine from the Superbowl yesterday. After that, I read about the political significance of singing some of "This Land Is Your Land" (is that the real title?). Well, she also added the unofficial GLBT anthem "Born This Way" which wasn't a surprise. I texted SuM at lunch to mention she has to watch the skits from Saturday's Saturday Night Live.

My lazy day continued on to a lazy evening. Watched my game shows. Sad to see the current 6-day champ fold. But, hey, $139 grand is certainly not shabby at all. Tonight's Murdoch Mysteries was all over the map. Didn't get all the weird bits, but am not going to bother rewatching. Anyway, I think I'll read (for just a little while) and then make friends with my bed again. Sounds like a plan.

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A Super Sunday - that had nothing to do with football.
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Yes, it's definitely true. Also a dull, placid day with a tiny sprinkling of snow with tolerable temperatures. I couldn't be happier. Well, yes, sun would be thrilling, but then it would have been colder. My driver said he hadn't driven me for three years, but he remembered my smile. Awwww.

It was an exciting day at church as our preacher was the former moderator of our denomination. I've always had a soft spot for her. We had at least one TV crew filming during the service. Things got a bit hairy because the service went way overtime and didn't end until 12:30. Good thing my ride was expected at 12:35. I couldn't wait to get home as quickly as possible to get all my reactions written (about Brent's thanks, Rev. Nancy's organic sermon/lesson using salt and light, and the absolutely stunning music) which I ended up doing with one hand while eating cold pierogi with the other. Hey, I was hungry!

After I'd posted, I was a limp slipper. Ended up watching last night's Saturday Night Live with a super-controlled Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. You have to see it to believe it. After that, I felt the need to veg. For hours. I hear there was a football game. Or a Lady Gaga concert. Typically, I had cartoons on.

I may be yawning now, but I want to stay up reading. Good to know I have nowhere to be tomorrow. It might be nice to slide into slothdom ... mind you, a black velour and satin-clad slothdom, lol.

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Cultivating friendship.
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Also having a terrific day which began - with no rude interruptions - shortly before 8 a.m. Woo-hoo for uninterrupted sleep! So I ended up having a very leisurely morning. Watched MacGyver and Shark Tank from last night. Always love Mac and his inventiveness. Was enticed by a product presented to the Sharks successfully: it's a smart-cart that's like a hand-cart, but also a bundle buggy that telescopes down into a tidy square. It even comes in pet carrier and stair climber(!) varieties. Wow. Where was it when I was lugging groceries home on the bus decades ago?

In the afternoon, I decided to send SuM an invitation to dinner tonight (as it's been just work and sleep day after day for her). I suggested she could fry up a bag of my mushroom-sauerkraut pierogi in the freezer so we'd have that as well as last night's birthday cake (chocolate truffle). She agreed. Yay. After that, I did a couple loads of laundry. Oh, how I love freshly-baked (hee!) towels right out of the dryer.

SuM got home around 8 and I joined her at 8:15. We had a very enjoyable dinner (washed down with Pepsi and then jasmine tea) and talked about all sorts of stuff. I'm really appreciating the increased opportunities to give her advice which she finds valuable, whether it's where she should go food shopping tomorrow morning before work (just the greengrocer a dozen blocks south) to how she might arrange her schedule when the weather gets warmer. But, then, I am an experienced armchair advice giver - as demonstrated by my suggestions on Savage Love. Yep. I did it again.

Anyway, I'd better get ready for my own rejuvenation tonight, beginning with my hot lemon drink because the last thing I need is to wake up from being all stuffed up. Ugh.

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I think it's a teeter-totter day.
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First thing. Body, pay attention. 3:05 is NOT an optimal time to wake me up. Neither is 6:32. 7:58 was acceptable. Still relieved I did fall asleep both times. Embarrassed to admit I'd fallen asleep wearing one glove backwards. Who does that? I guess I do. In any case, a stuffed-up nose seemed to be at least slightly responsible for my waking up.

There was reaffirming news on the political front. Our province stepped in, offering our city's children's hospital to provide life-saving humanitarian surgeries for all the children that were prevented from landing in the States. FFS, why isn't your government ashamed of this? Well, I guess it's just another meaningless detail that got overlooked. Though, by the end of the day, I don't know whether our offer will be needed, after a WA state judge issued a temporary restraining order. I wish the entire insiders' clique could be restrained in straight=jackets and gagged. ::spits nasty taste out of mouth::

Because I've been fighting a headache all evening, other than my game shows (Yay, Lisa won Jeopardy! again), I didn't bother watching my fave shows (new!epis, too). There's always tomorrow morning. At least there's a piece of b-day cake waiting for me in SuM's fridge. Something to look forward to for tomorrow.

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Finding joy in unexpected places.
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Waking up at 4:38 wasn't it. Neither was 6-something. Thankfully, 9:32 was found to be eminently acceptable.

Was too lazy to write a couple of e-mails to people at the church. Will do that tomorrow. Instead, I finally watched a recorded program on the greatest Superbowl commercials. Now, you should understand I've NEVER watched the Superbowl. The last football game I attended was the city high school championship match more than 50 years ago. I never cared for football, but getting the afternoon off was always great. [I still remember what I was wearing: charcoal grey lined wool slacks with a matching knit grey poncho with diagonal red stripes and a red fringe.]

So, imagine my surprise to be affected to such an extent that I actually CRIED over a few commercials, especially two from Budweiser (something I've never tried) involving two dogs, then a dog and horse!

Another unexpected pleasure was dinner. I'd already decided to heat up cream of cauliflower soup. Why I'd chosen such a bland soup, I don't know. I thought I'd give it some zip with my spice grinders. Then I was struck by genius. I added a portion of my fresh fettuccine pasta that really soaked up the soup. And there I was, eating "pretend" Alfredo! Yumm.

Was really thrilled for the multiple winner on Jeopardy!. She's well into the $100K division. Then watched a hilarious epi of Big Bang Theory before switching to the customary cartoons. So, a mostly good day followed by an invite to share in the cake at SuM's son's b-day party tomorrow evening. I told her my body hasn't gotten accustomed to her new schedule. LOL, as if she's accustomed to it. She isn't.

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My brain was still good enough to....
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[Embarrassed edit: I shouldn't type in the dark because I might just press enter.]

I got in a couple of comments on Savage Love. Hey, sex advice is easy (yes, lol).

And I texted church-John to make sure we were on the same page for brunch with my blind group next week. Yes? Good. I reserved our spots. Can't wait.

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