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The day got off to a good start when I woke up at 7:37. Sat in bed and read stuff off my cellphone for about an hour before getting out of bed. Finally got up and thought about eating. Also caught up with a slew of phone messages (Hello, blind institute? You need to SPEAK more slowly just in case peeps need to take notes) including one from the neighbour who wanted to be sure I was okay. I sent her a text. As she has no cellphone or e-mail (what a shock), she received it as a voice-text to a landline. Ooh, cool. I also called my meals provider and spoke to the boss-lady who's asking for speech-writing assistance for next Monday when she'll be addressing members of the provincial legislature including the Premier. Hee! My words can be found ... everywhere!

I was so out of it that I needed to have a nap around noon and settled down on newly puffed-up pillows without even setting the alarm. Slept for a couple of hours after which I decided to rewatch Monday's Murdoch Mysteries. A second watch helped a lot, so I texted SuM to let her know. I also managed to find homes on my bookcase for all of my new Blu-Ray and DVD purchases. Uh, they might not be in order, but at least they're off the couch. ::inflates with self-satisfaction::

In the evening, I watched my game shows, a years-old epi of Big Bang Theory with Sheldon at his most irritating (I know, how can one really differentiate), and then the season-ender of Dragons' Den. And, finally, I'm back to reading Tanya Huff. About half way through the first book. Anyway, I think that covers my day. Well, there was also bacon. And a vodka tonic. My nightcap will be a ginger beer to wash down my evening pills. Ahhh, the beauty of a good digestive.

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... with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head?
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Or were they scones, tartlets and petits fours? If we're talking about high tea at the Windsor Arms, then it's definitely the latter.

But, first, the more gruesome aspects of the day. The alarm was set for 6, so I didn't complain when I opened my eyes at 5:27 to book my rides for next Tuesday. Then I reset the alarm for 10:00, leaving me enough time for brekkie and getting ready for my meals delivery. Also rescuing (well ... encouraging) Grumpy to come indoors. He'd been sunning himself on a patch on the back deck, but it's always a relief to know where the cats are.

I entertained myself by watching the last SNL which - inexplicably - was an epi from last December. I'm so confused. At least I unconfused myself long enough to send Brian an update on our joint birthday tea. He chose the time of 1:00 p.m. Sounds lovely. I also continued reading the Tanya Huff book. I'd been unimpressed about the setting until our old friend from the Blood series, namely Henry Fitzroy, dropped by. Yay. The evening was boring with only game shows (and caustic commentary by text from church-John about the ineffectual Canadian competitor). All my regular evening dramas were repeats. Boo. So I'm back to reading. I'm excited by a book I've placed a hold on. It's one account (presumably the best) of what happened in Gander when all those planes were diverted on 9/11. It was recommended on the "Come From Away" FB page. Tomorrow morning, I'll have to return phone calls, so I'll just enjoy the quiet. And pleasant dreams, too, I hope.

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Reading should come with warnings!
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Something along the lines of "Reading will disrupt your life, reduce your sleep time, and make you curious". Okay, I'm stretching. But I was very, VERY bad last night (this morning) as I stayed up until 3:30 eek-o'clock. Luckily, I managed to sleep all the way to 9:30, even though SuM had to get up at 6:30 or 7:00 to take her car to be serviced. Me? I heard nothing.

I even dozed off around noon, lying on my back (so uncomfortable), and had a weird dream of being involved in a much larger household. House was like four times bigger. There were dogs that I was actually comfortable with (I know!) but I think one was a white fluffy lab that I was holding because it needed medication. And SuM's (imaginary) niece showed up, complaining about being dumped. Anyway, just as I was saying I'd be careful with the dog, SuM knocked on my door (for realz), as she was going to vacuum my place. Talk about being woozy and silly.

Was sad to see the cliffhanger season ender of Murdoch Mysteries. I'll have to watch it again (SuM's popped in a couple of times to express how flabbergasted she was!) because it was hard to see everything, especially at night.

Can't stay up tonight as I have to wake up early to book my trip for the next blind group meeting. Speaking of which, they sent out a call for auditions for a cooking show ... visually impaired people! See me stepping away from all the sharp knives, etc. Pass.

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Oops! Where did the time go to? I blame the cats, natch.
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Had an absolutely amazing day. Naturally, the prime suspect was the church service. But it was also the last day of winter. There was just a hint of semi-old snow on the back deck and grass, so I had no trouble walking out wearing my Mary Janes. My driver was very early, so I got to the church quickly. Sat with friends in the Social Hall being ... sociable. We had a guest preacher today, the interim moderator of the denomination. And the music was simply phenomenal. Describing it is one of the best aspects of my weekly review. Our guest soloist is an amazing jazz singer who's so alive and vibrant. Yet, here she was, holding my hand just before she was about to sing the Offertory and telling ME how full of life I was! Awww.

It was so easy for me to write my review, aided by the fact that I got home really quickly. I listened to the nature music channel while thinking and writing, in order to calm down. Before I knew it, the day had disappeared. So, yes, the cats visited me. Grumpy has developed an unhealthy fascination with my closet. Uh ... cat, it's all tidy and organized in there. No cozy hiding places. Or plastic bags. Finally, between the two of us, SuM and I wrangled the cats out.

More of the smoky smell has dissipated, though it's more like burnt popcorn now. Bit by bit, I think it'll eventually be gone. Though I guess I could help by putting out a saucer of vinegar. Let's do it tomorrow when I'm awake again. Right now, I'm returning to reading "Inferno". Not sure but I could be close to being finished. Then I can borrow another book. Yay.

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Everyone loves a fireman, right???
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Well, this afternoon, I had THREE in the house (and possibly a few more outside or still on the flashing fire truck). Uh ... blondie, just WHY did you have a whole gaggle of hunky firemen in and around the house? Well, I sorta kinda had a microwave mishap during which I incinerated a bagel. How? Well, I wasn't thinking when I set the timer ... and then didn't notice anything was wrong until I saw smoke. Uh-oh. So. Much. Smoke. It set off both smoke detectors in the house. So loud that our neighbour heard it and told me she called the Fire Dept. So I met all the nice men at the door and gave them the "I can't see" spiel. They went through my space and opened the windows, then used a powerful fan from the front door to drive all the smoke out. Or as much as they could. The Misses had taken refuge in SuM's bedroom, while I sat in her living room clutching Grumpy to keep him from running away.

After they left, I sent SuM a text message to not be worried or surprised but ... yadda, yadda. It turns out she'd been at work and was coming home soon anyway. When she got in, she said it smelled like burnt toast. How ironic and appropriate, considering I'd been trying to defrost a cinnamon french toast bagel. ::gives self a stern chat:: Blondie, blondie, blondie, you must pay attention to what you're doing when the microwave is involved. Even if you're in the middle of Dan Brown's "Inferno". Uh ... nope, I don't see the connection at all. ::rolls eyes::

Thankfully, it was so warm out that even having the windows open for several hours was pleasant ... and I'd had the heater off since the morning. Anyway, that's quite enough excitement for one day. Here I thought I'd be having a placid day after I'd frantically nagged Brian about trying to find my library books. I managed to locate them by the time he replied to me. Oops. Sorry, baby bro. Beyond watching my game show repeats, all I did was read, read, read. Which is what I'm going to do ... right now. Ciao, tutti.

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Back to basics.
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After yesterday's excitement, I had a quiet day, starting off with terrific - if weird - sleep. Why weird? Well, I'd fallen asleep with the light on. On further inspection, I'd also fallen asleep in that blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where I get ready to put my gloves on, but first I have to do the instinctive ear-tugging that babies do (that regulates breathing and makes it easier to fall asleep). Well, I obviously didn't need any of that. Only problem when I woke up was finding my gloves (black against a black comforter). Luckily, they were easy to spot against a red background near the night table. Still, I've always maintained that my best sleep occurs when I fall asleep inadvertently and generally don't even move a muscle. [Naturally, I always remind myself of falling asleep with a teapot, cup and saucer, on a tray ... and finding I hadn't spilled a drop. I always called it my log-sleeping ability, lol.]

SuM asked me to look after the cats as she wanted to go to dinner immediately after work. So I allowed the Misses to sleep on my bed in the morning. When it came time to feed them lunch, I went hunting for Grumpy who'd been outside. Luckily, I only had to call out the back door and he came ambling along like a privileged old man. I think he has a fantasy scenario in the vicinity of the shed. In any case, I always praise him for heeding my call. He's such a sweetheart.

As I'd fulfilled my obligation, I left the cats behind closed doors. I had stuff to do. First I opened an important-looking envelope from the City. It even had "Important" stamped on it. Oh, it's from the department dealing with rent-geared-to-income housing. I'll have to send them a "yes, please keep me on the waiting list" letter. I managed to sort my laundry and did it while watching my game shows. Aww, the Canadian champ got knocked out on Jeopardy! in a game that had way too many easy questions. TV was otherwise a wasteland (I think there's hoops madness perhaps?) with missing shows or reruns. We were not amused.

With my chores out of the way, I'm hoping to be able to play with my iPad tomorrow morning. I'm irritated because I can't figure out where to see my Loans on the library site, after I'd restarted Liblikas. Sigh. But, then, my eyes have been really bad today, so I think I'll just wish for some more good sleep tonight. TTFN.

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Wooooo. What a rush ... spending money is.
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I might be getting more relaxed about it, but I still had to do my forward budgeting, reassuring myself that the deposit of my pensions at the end of the month minus my fixed costs would return me to the same level of fiscal sobriety. Hee! I can sure write.

After waking up at 8, I had a leisurely morning until church-John picked me up shortly after noon. It was a near-freezing day but the dazzling sunshine made everything cheerful. We had a great drive out to the mall that c-J is most familiar with. And we got a parking spot right across from the entrance nearest to the Apple store. So, yes, I got the lovely big iPad. I even got it set up in the store (what a relief). So I guess I'll be exploring tomorrow. I didn't have the energy to do anything this evening as c-J and I had a comfort food booster shot at Swish. He ordered an appetizer, I ordered dessert, and I shared my Sauvignon Blanc with him. By the time we were sated, it was around 4, but luckily the traffic was light because of Spring Break.

Watched my usual game shows (happy the dorky guy from Ottawa won again) and then the two MasterChef shows. Now I'm just sleeeeeepy and having a ginger beer to aid in digestion. As for tomorrow, well, I'd still like to get my taxes out of the way ... and then to play (and I hope NOT get frustrated) with my new electronic baby. ::crossing fingers and toes::

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Goofing around is a great time waster. Who knew?
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Whoa. I just looked at the time and couldn't believe it was already near 11:30. Especially, as I moved to the computer around 8, after the usual game shows. So, where did the time go?

Well, after another terrific sleep, I woke up at 7:50. Not bad. I finished my eBook in the morning. It was an odd combination of a simple writing style AND a compelling read about mostly petty people I didn't care about. All 1200+ pages of it! So, being done with that one, I borrowed a different convoluted selection, namely Dan Brown's "Inferno". Oy. Over 100 chapters. By this point, my eyes were bugging me and my page turning digit was numb.

So time to watch TV instead. I watched last night's N.C.I.S. Nola two episodes. Both felt odd to me. Okay, let's get back to looking at the Apple site and considering what I'm buying tomorrow. ::crosses fingers:: Pestered Brian with a couple of e-mails and received a confirmation from church-John that he's all set for our excursion. Can't wait, but wish the stupid snow would disappear.

Okay, I think it's time for me to have some more Perrier and do a little LIGHT reading of the fanfic kind before bed. Sounds appealing. And that's all she wrote ... er ... read.

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Simple math: take 1 silly and add 1 silly. What do you get?
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Well, I can never be too sure about the math part, but you get Brian and me. Oy and Vei are appropriate reactions.

But, first, a fabulous night of sleep (most likely aided by the blanket of snow), as I didn't wake up until 8:50. Magnificent.

I finally got a good look at that blanket of snow (ugh) when I was waiting for my meals. See, it didn't look all that much from the protected view of the driveway. But the street view out the front door was ... rough. And I'm afraid to find out how bad it'll be to tromp through the garden. Which I won't know until Thursday. ::prays for lots of sublimation::

I had a lazy day with the exception of writing silly e-mails to Brian and getting silly e-mails back. I finally figured out which iPad I should be looking at ... because I fail at considering size. Oh! What a difference. I thought he'd gotten me an Apple ID. But he hadn't, and didn't tell me. See, I told you we're both silly. Right now, we're having a philosophical disagreement about library downloads. I'll be testing his theory tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, my day consisted of washing loads of recycling (finicky soup containers) and watching TV including a weepy N.C.I.S. OTOH, too many of tonight's Jeopardy! clues were simple-minded. Where's the happy balance? Well, I guess I'll find my happy balance by finding some light reading. Until domain, ciao tutti. But, before I forget, HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!

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See me NOT laughing at the alarm.
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Why? Well, a certain blonde was so frazzled yesterday morning that she forgot to turn off the alarm. And woke up unnecessarily at 5:45 this morning. Sigh. At least I managed to overcome the not-breathing and hand-cramping to fall asleep quickly, not waking up again until the most civilized time of 10:15. It was eminently acceptable. Lol.

In any case, I didn't have any major responsibilities today. I washed out lots of recycling containers, tried to stay warm, and ate (drank?) lots of creamy soups.

So, there's this big storm headed our way ... but it seemed to have spared my part of the city so far. I checked through a window before it got dark. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tonight's Final Jeopardy! was a snap. St. Paul (or Saul). Thank you, weekly scripture readings. I still remember carrying a Bible in my purse when I first joined the church and using those small windowpane cello tabs to mark the verses but, now, with our large print orders of service I can follow along. Also watched a rollicking epi of Murdoch Mysteries that involved a gaggle (gang) of roller skaters (the Buffalo Queens) who placed bets on each other after determining who'd win of the quartet.

Anyway, I feel the need to find some calm reading before bed, even though I'm already yawning.

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Come one, come all, come to laugh at the blonde's foibles.
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So ... you know that time change, the one where we're supposed to turn our clocks forward? I've only been doing it for decades. Can you guess where this is going? Ding-ding-ding! You get a prize. Somehow I got things turned around in my mind and put the time BACK. Luckily, I woke up feeling well-rested and in no pain. The cats had been well-behaved all night. I glanced at my cellphone and nearly shrieked. The alarm had been set for 5:45 a.m. It was now 5:55 a.m. But-but-but ... the alarm that had been set for 5:45? Well, it would be another TWO hours before that time arrived. ::headdesk:: Luckily, with all of the extra time I build into my morning routine, ten minutes wouldn't affect me too much.

I did manage to jam my feet into my boots, though I could only wind the laces around one row of skater's hooks before knotting the laces. Despite the cold, at least it was beautifully sunny out. I was also lucky because the driver rang the doorbell just as I was leaving via the back deck. So I didn't have to sit outside freezing my ass...ets off. It was toasty warm when I arrived at church and even warmer - emotionally - within the Sanctuary. I was so grateful for the mocha that church-John brought me. The music was stunning and Brent was so on top of his game, giving two mini-Lessons. C-J and I talked about going iPad mini shopping this week (because I fear Brian's unit is dead, Jim).

I was so happy to be back at home shortly after 1. But I was so cold that it was another SEVEN hours before I took anything off (other than coat, scarf, gloves). I really was that cold. Before I began to write, I treated myself to our latest bell and whistle, namely our first transmission of a morning service on FB, basically on demand. As usual, it took a couple of hours to write and post my review. Then I got to relax and try to warm up with hot mushroom soup and a warm bagel. Watched last night's Saturday Night Live with scathingly hilarious skits.

SuM got in by late afternoon, so she had the pleasure of feeding the cats because I'd abdicated (or should that be abdicatted, lol). Anyway, I need to climb into bed and also hope that the semi-hives at my wrists and ankles are mostly due to the pressure of clothing, etc. Or else I'm just allergic to stupidly cold weather. Yeah, that's it, lol. Okay, beddies ... soon.

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Cats, cold, and laundry?
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Hey, I couldn't think of another "C" word. Let's blame the cold (bitter) and waking up at 5:56 a.m. Blargh. I was surprised by SuM asking for a favour: she wanted to take off - immediately - so was asking that I take care of the cats till late tomorrow. Sure, no prob. I asked her to try to charge the iPad. It's plugged in next to her toaster. ::crosses fingers::

As she'd left so early, I got to doing my laundry sooner than expected (we have a mutual no-earlier-than-noon rule for laundry on Saturday). Fine by me. The sooner I got it done, the sooner I could relax. I also went and changed all the timepieces manually ahead of time. Then texted church-John to make sure he changes his. I believe last year he changed all of them except for his microwave and was late picking me up for something. Sigh.

As I was bored in the afternoon, I rewatched last night's MacGyver. And am now wondering whether there's any Angus/Jack slash, considering their unspoken declarations of love. Oh, you guys! Also, it was so sweet to see Bozer make a wraparound splint bandage using tongue depressors for the wee doggie with a broken leg. And I want a taste of those out-of-this-world Hawaiian shrimp. I guess I'll just have to use my imagination.

I won't have to use my imagination on how grotesquely cold it'll be to go to church tomorrow morning. I'm depressed to have to wear boots ... that is if I can jam my injured swollen feet into them. One reason why I gave my feet a respite from the pressure of socks last night. ::shudders:: Yes, I survived a night without socks only because of the thick flannel sheets.

I'm headed off to bed in a few; I'm already pretending it's an hour later. But, first, a little light reading to relax me.

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Productivity early in the day leads to evening brain drain.
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It's true, I swear.

But, first, all the amazing stuff from the morning. I woke up at 6:56 and started work almost immediately. Crossed my fingers and flicked the switch for the overhead lights. Huge sigh of relief. They worked (even though they are dying). Started removing the body pillow and comforter from the ledge next to the bed and - lo and behold - there was my white library card lying next to one of the piggies. Another huge sigh of relief. Just in case, I typed the card number in a doc. Should also send myself an e-mail. After that positive start, I pulled out two totes and filled them with the Christmas deccies. Then I put each tree in a separate garbage bag and moved them into the storage closet along with two empty packing boxes (that, covered with wrapping paper and a glitzy shawl, can be a tree table). I also lowered one leaf in the dining table, moving a chair over and making room for the fireplace implements. Even if the fireplace is electric, I still love the "classic" look. Once that was done, I was all hot and ... hot. It was after 9:00 a.m. Time for me to reward myself with brekkie.

My only remaining frustration is that the iPad is not charging. Yes, there's a blue light on the charger but it looks awfully weak. After getting more advice from Brian, I may have to try a new outlet, though I don't have many exposed ones. Sigh. As the temperature was dropping, I was too chicken to wash my hair (sigh) but luxuriated by using up the last of my Euphoria shower gel, knowing that Brian would soon be receiving the purchase he made on my behalf. I wanted to layer more of the same scent but - arrgghh - couldn't find my black pin-striped case holding ALL of my Euphoria products. Aggravation!!!!! I guess I'll wait for first morning sight tomorrow.

As I'm trying to empty both fridges, I enjoyed some creative combos: lunch was cooked mini-peppers in cream of tomato soup. The peppers really infused their flavours into the liquid. And supper was fresh Alfredo pasta added to turkey noodle soup. I know it sounds weird, but it was satisfying.

So, what's with the brain drain? Well, I was watching Jeopardy! (no surprise there) and totally blanked on the Final (TV character whose name is now synonymous for fixing things, especially on the fly). OMG, how could I have missed MacGyver, especially as I was going to watch it next? If it's any consolation, the two-day winner with over $50K came up with a blank, too. Some days, the brain does not cooperate. Anyway, MacGyver was both satisfying and scary, in a crossover with Hawaii Five-0 which I don't watch.

I think I'm going to enjoy a bit of chocolate and then climb into bed. I deserve a terrific sleep and an opportunity to reduce the swelling of my insteps (stupid falls). TTFN.

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When my body wins the recharging race....
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... you know we're doomed! Going to bed before 11 last night was bliss. Waking up at 4:11 not so much. But I overcame the not-breathing and limb-aching and managed to fall asleep again, not waking up until the unbelievable time of 8:28. ::stretches languorously:: However, the mini iPad is driving me crazy. At least now I can see the blue(?) light on the plug, though it's faint. But I don't think it's charging at all. I was looking at the wrong thing on the screen. Waaaaaaah. I wanna read my book. I guess I'll ask SuM for help if she's free this weekend. ::pouts::

Cue watching a bit of TV. Last night's Dragons' Den was a scream. I can't believe anyone would fall for this business: selling SINGLE handmade bathbombs containing a ring in the centre. Ring is worth a few bucks. Each bathbomb sells for around - KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN - around 15 bucks!!! So, what's the draw? You get the opportunity to win another ring worth several grand. The woman has already sold $1.5 million (yes, MILLION). Talk about playing a lottery. ::shakes head::

At least I had some solidarity when watching tonight's Jeopardy! as church-John and I were texting each other. And, then, I laughed uproariously during Big Bang Theory. So much outrageous behaviour, natch most of it Sheldon's. My evening was complete after I'd watched MasterChef Jr and MasterChef Canada. Picked up some new flavour ideas. Anybody for ::moans:: Bleu Cheese Sauce Mornay. Speaking of food, I'm also investigating other possibilities for Brian's and my joint birthday celebration. I just have to look up the full menu and to see what their chairs are like. Sigh.

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A tiny speck of hope in a wasteland of aggravation, anxiety, and impatience.
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So ... I thought I had the charger all figured out for the iPad? Nah. Too easy. All the hours it had been plugged in, nothing had happened. It was only when I reengaged the connection that something clicked. Oh, look. There's the outline of a battery on the screen. If I'm interpreting things correctly (no proof that I am), I believe the battery's about 2/3 to being full. I guess that having been depleted was just too much for the old girl.

Because my life isn't weird enough, I have another source of aggravation. I thought I'd call up the book that was currently unavailable to me, this time on the desktop. Just one wee problem. I'm not logged in and I can't find my new library card. It wasn't in the zippered mesh case in my purse. It just wasn't anywhere. And there doesn't appear to be any way to retrieve the number electronically. So, I asked Brian via e-mail whether he could remember where he placed it after using it. Apparently, he put it on the bed (ack!). Great: a white card against my penguin fleece. With my lack of sight, it'll be a while before I get the chance to do a proper investigation. Sigh.

I was pleased to catch up on last night's TV shows. Oh, so that's what happened. Right now, the temperatures are dropping, so I'm feeling both sleepy and chilled. Even without a book to read, I can always read the news summary on my phone and then slide into unconsciousness. I really need my do-nothing, think-nothing, and be-nothings experience.

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Bored. Blind. Aggravated. And sleepy???
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Part Two (after about 7 incredible hours of sleep and an hour to organize my thoughts):

That's the kind of yucky day I had, from the unwelcome time of 5:13 when I woke up. Sigh. So, how could I be bored with all my lovely reading material? Oh, that's easy. The iPad STOPPED working, the screen turned black, while I was waiting for my meals to be delivered. Though I plugged in the charger, I was not able to nudge it back to life. I even asked Brian for help. Yup, I can still hear the echoes pf unfamiliar questions rattling around in my head.

Time to clear the docket and allow boredom and blindness to dominate. After my meals were finally delivered, I plugged the iPad charger into the wall. Blue light? I don't see any blue light. So I guess I'll be looking for an online troubleshooting guide for this particular model in the morning. Sigh.

As if I didn't have enough boredom during the morning, I waited for EVER for my eyedrops to be delivered by the pharmacy. When SuM left before 3, I decided to watch TV in her living room, so I could answer the door quickly. I got so tired of sitting on furniture that doesn't suit me that I retreated back to my space for a while, and called the pharmacy. I'd been expecting delivery in the afternoon and was disappointed to learn that the guy wouldn't be leaving the premises until at least 6:30. Arrgghh. He has a weird schedule. So I watched the news from SuM's living room and most of WoF. Imagine both SuM's and my shock when she came back home, with a passel of people (and dogs!!!) incredulous to find me still waiting. She said she'd keep an eye out, so I got to watch Jeopardy! from the blessedly dog-free comfort of my space. The eyedrops were finally delivered around 7:45. What a relief!

While still semi-conscious, I began watching N.C.I.S.. Ha! Next thing I know, the recording is over. Still, I gamely proceeded to watch Bull. It was easier to stay awake for what is basically a courtroom drama ... obviously with a shocker of an ending. But, knowing that I was fading FAST, I didn't dare even to try watching N.C.I.S. Nola. ::pats recorder remote tenderly::

[I'm staring at what I typed next in my trance-like state: it's seriously an example of "automatic" typing. My brain is so, so, so weird. And, no, I'm not going to let you read it. There were snippets of lucidity, when I mentioned "actual play or movie" or "greeting Dr. X". Uh ... just WHAT or WHO is that?]

I'm going to try to forget that Tuesday ever happened. I hope I can resurrect the iPad because it's just so not fair for me to have victory snatched from me so harshly. I don't feel like being a brave little toaster. ::stomps wee hoof::

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Bored. Blind. Aggravated. And sleepy.
Women in Cafe
Part One:

Where I am feeling so sleepy, I've been staring at the screen for at least 30 minutes in a trance. So, obviously, I'm not writing about my day now. But it was a stupid day, with bonus aggravation of a malfunctioning iPad that suddenly went black when I was using it. So. Not. Good. (Duh.)

I've left what I was trying to write open on another browser and will post when I am awake and alive in the morning. ::crosses fingers::

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See. Helenka. Read.
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I can read while sitting on the couch.
I can read while lying down in bed.
But I do not know if I can read while standing on my head.
- major apologies to Dr. Seuss ... but I just had to have some fun!

However, before the play portion of my day, there was unfinished business. I didn't care to wake up at 6:13 (sigh), but I got out of bed and began writing my church summary. Only took me three hours to post. Mind you, I have to think of new angles (and gorgeous synonyms for the music) every week. Only after that did I have brekkie. Yum.

And, then, hours of blissful reading. So much that I had to recharge the battery again (even though it had been charging all night). I checked with Brian who said the screen was a battery hog. Hee - I have a new piglet. Must think of a name. I can't believe how quickly I zoom through the pages. But I still need to find a boob pillow rest. For any boob owners out there with poor eyesight, what do you do? Because the lap is just too far away.

In more frivolous news, I asked Brian to order me Euphoria Shower Gel online. Yay! I'll be getting three bottles of it. Just don't ask about the price. OTOH, I was paying close to the amount more than 10 years ago. And I do miss the sensual experience very much.

Brent's talk from Yellowknife was on the CBC site from 9 till 11, but I was too tired to watch it live. So I'll watch at some point this week during the day when my brain is still functioning. ::rattles brain:: Yup, still there.

And, now, back to bed and some happy reading. Nighty-night, all.

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For I am weary and have many pages to read before I sleep.
Women in Cafe
Say what? Pages to read?? You, blondie???

Yes, moi. "Historic" blonde hair and all. But, first, the rest of my day.

I was mortified to wake up at 5:13 (as the alarm was set for an already spooky 5:45). But I obliged my weird body by getting out of bed, only to use the unexpected time wisely (check for the pod under the bed, please) to take down the second tree and remove most of the other decorations. Blondie, I'm proud of you ... uh ... me. The only things left were the plugs (too tangled up for me to see) and the greenery hanging from the brass wreath holder. Once I'd removed the adorable mini plush animals from the gold sleigh, I gave them a new home in the top tier of my fruit stand. After that, I found another black turtleneck to wear underneath a very tight slinky black top: the trapped air kept me very warm. I added my tropical chiffon scarf to warm up my look. And, then, I had brekkie!

It wasn't as cold out as it had been yesterday, but the sky was filled with clouds. Still, I was happy to be outdoors, even with only street shoes. Arrived at church at 9:15 and was thrilled to see my special mum arrive. Why? Well, March is her birth month and we were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries today. She'll be turnig 89! Then the rest of my friends showed up. I greeted Brent between services to congratulate him on his latest honour. When church-John showed up, he treated me to another mocha. OMG, do I ever need that today!

The service was ethereal. We have an Irish singer whose voice and demeanour give me shivers. She is angelic. We had so much glorious music filling the Sanctuary just as the unexpected sun poured in through the south windows. Brent's lesson was about taking risks and sacrificing in order to move toward the unknown. He cautioned us to be open to whoever would be the next senior pastor. It was a very emotional service for me but I couldn't stay to share my reactions because I had to catch my cab home.

When I got in, I had a few minutes to post a check-in on FB with an explanation that my review would be delayed. The cause of my delay, namely my chosen baby brother Brian, showed up after 1:30 bearing many gifties. First of all, there were oodles of movies and TV shows (on DVD or Blu-Ray). Yippee! Which should I watch first? "Galaxy Quest" or-- or-- "Les Mis"??? And on and on. But the biggest question mark was the loan of his (cracked, old) mini iPad. Would I be able to see anything on it? He connected to the library and d/l'd "Brooklyn" - a library recommendation using my phone as a wi-fi hot spot. I don't want to use SuM's, as I'm already hogging it with the desktop! I asked for a strong, sans serif font in a light colour on a dark background. OMG. I can actually read words, even with the iPad resting on my boobs!!! I still have to become accustomed to swiping pages, but I am thrilled beyond words.

After Brian had accomplished the impossible ('cuz, really, I had not expected success), we drove off to the nearest Swish in totally unexpected blazing sun. It should have been mostly cloudy, but Brian said the sun came out just for us. ::beams:: I splurged on dinner for us, ordering a half litre of Sauvignon Blanc, the chicken spring roll appetizer, the special 2-for-1 dinner upgraded to include special bbq sauces, and dessert. Oh, nom. I saved my mini-doughnuts to bring home which is where we headed once the sun was beginning to slide closer to the horizon. When we got back, we were busy with a few more chores (I mentioned how I'd give the place a rest before hanging up a gorgeous floral rope along with the Ikea lights later in the spring) and excited talk of our joint birthday celebration. Hmmm. So, the plan is to have high tea. I shall have to investigate.

After Brian left, I watched the news, then put on the nature music channel and began to read my borrowed book. Page after page after page ... until I dozed off for a little while. So utterly relaxing.... But, wait. Blondie, don't you have something else hanging over your head? ::sighs:: Yes, I didn't write my Sunday review. I was just too mellow (read slightly tipsy from the wine) to concentrate on words. So I'll be doing that tomorrow ... whenever I wake up. No rush, body, no rush. ::giggles and gets ready to read a few more pages before sleep::

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Friendships, as golden as today's sun.
Women in Cafe
Which is why certain people move from the friendzone to become chosen family.

But, first, why is 6 hours my apparent default sleep limit? Mind you, it's still better than ::shudders:: three hours. As I woke up 90 minutes before my alarm, I had an even more leisurely morning until my anticipated pickup at 10:50. So, the sun was blazing today. And the temperature? Brrrrrrrrrrrrr ... with me enduring it while wearing thin socks and my Mary Janes, because of the lingering swelling of both insteps and forelegs due to the fall. Sigh.

I arrived at the theatre at 11:33 and RS was the first to arrive. When Jan got there, we were able to buy our tickets and get snacks. I know, I know. We all splurged on overpriced concession stand offerings. So, we saw "Hidden Figures" and were blown away. I have to find out whether there's a book so that I can read it because, as usual, there were things I missed on the screen. However, as someone who grew up during that era, it was exciting to see historical footage.

We had enough time built in after the movie so we could chat and laugh some more. My minivan was the first to arrive at 3:50 and I was home very quickly. Even though the sun had been glorious, the cold still affected me to the extent that I didn't attempt to do my laundry. Oh, well. I'll deal with finding different clothes for tomorrow.

Watched a special epi of Peppa Pig and the news. Dozed off during my game show repeats and then again after 8. Now that I'm awake, I'm washing my recycling and going to watch the second half of last night's Shark Tank.

Right now, I'm trying to assess the medical benefits causing (temporary) improvement in my vision. So, was it the activity? The fun and laughter? Or was it exposure to below-freezing temperatures? I guess I have something new to investigate!

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